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About Global Enterprise International
Our founder assembled " Team GEI ", technology partners and strategic alliances with business partners in the USA and around the globe  to assist with this team effort to answer the growing global demand for a business entity who delivers results. Global Enterprise International is committed to doing it’s part to save the planet, all projects are planned and managed to adhere to eco-friendly practices. It is important that we invest in the communities and the economic development. It is the engine that elevates prosperity and ensures a good business foundation for future generations to inherit.

Global Enterprise International has broadened our interest to include mining operation's and  the export of coal to international markets. 
GEI, owns and operates it's mining operations . This ensures that we will always deliver a quality product CIF or FOB to you. GEI Is On The Move! Should your organization decide to move forward in exploring a relationship with Team GEI, we open to interested parties contacting us  concerning our project (s) or your suply demand for coal. 

All Synenergy Triad locations will employ the latest in clean energy, storage, safety, security and spill capture technology. Our goal is to improve the economic development of the communities we build in. Citizens and local businesses will be included in the development of our projects as well as training and employment programs. We are committed to do no harm to the environment and provide a safe working environment for all employees. We thank you for your interest in Global Enterprise International. We extend an invitation to you to become one of many valued business partners around the globe. Thank you.

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