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The technology we will employ to produce, refine oil, Jet & Diesel Fuel is (GTL) gas to liquid and (F-T) Fischer Tropsch. The process is a physical-chemical process for the production of liquid hydrocarbons (gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel and lubricants). The use of natural gas to produce energy helps to greatly reduce carbon emission's. We can further that effort by producing fuels and liquids by using synthetic waste, municipal waste and bio matter. In this way we reduce waste in land fills. Being ecologically responsible by taking care of our environment.

Country: USA
Location Benefits: 

Industrial park with link to all services such as rail, sea, interstate and transportation, allowing the seamless coordination of logistics and infrastructure. 

Our goal is to be the top producing Jet Fuel producer in the USA, capturing the lion’s share of the GTL & CTL Petroleum and Synthetic produced Jet and Diesel Fuel market

Ambitious? Yes! Is there a demand for Jet Fuel? Yes! Can we supply that demand? Yes! 

Will we have a positive impact on the community and the environment? YES! 
Will this help to decrease our dependency on foreign fuel? Yes!