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Global Enterprise International, has expanded it's reach beyond the USA to export coal to international clients. The acquisition of coal reserves and resources is allowing us to answer the global supply demand for Anthracite, Bituminous/Sub-Bituminius, Lignite Coal. Thermal and Steam coal is highly desired by companies who produce energy and or fuel from coal. GEI's mining operations and exportation of coal will greatly increase the number of  employment and training opportunities in areas where there is an abundance of highly skilled mining labor force.Our mining operations also brings a boost to economically depressed areas. GEI, increases the number of companies in the USA who are exporting products and services internationally. GEI welcomes contact from our USA and international partners who have a supply demand for coal.

Coal and Sustainable Development

In addition to its direct role as an energy resource, coal plays a significant global role in sustainable development. Coal mining is a critical contributor to many economies. Coal directly provides more than seven million jobs worldwide and supports many more millions. Coal production is the key economic activity in many communities. In 2010 the coal industry invested more than US$7 billion in capital expenditures in developing countries.
 From providing employment, export and royalty revenues through to local services and the development of Infrastructure, coal mining makes a substantial Contribution to improving the livelihoods of many. This is especially true in developing countries where coal mining makes a major contribution to national economies allowing them to grow stronger and address the Challenges of poverty and development. Coal is also a key component of important industrial processes such as steel and cement manufacturing - both of which are central to building the essential infrastructure of growing economies.

World Coal Association
                                                   Barge is loaded with 30,000 Metric Ton's of coal                                   Photo credit to Ty Wright Bloomberg

Coal currently supplies around 30% of primary energy and 41% of global electricity generation. Coal will play a major role complementing renewable energy sources and will be a key source of energy to address gaps in wind and solar powered electricity.

World Coal Association